The True Story
Jesus C. Escovidoof The Bikini Beach Band begins with one man - Jesus C. Escovedo - guitarist, revolutionary, ladies' man and 1956 All-Mexico Surfing Champion.

Forced by his political beliefs to flee from his homeland, he escaped by stowing away on a cruise liner with only a guitar, a Hawaiian shirt and an autographed photo of Duane Eddy.

He landed in Southampton, convinced Britain would welcome his music with open arms. Sadly, this was not to be. His debut single, Gringo Woody Stomp (Mecca Recordings), was released on the same day as The Beatles' She Loves You consigned the British instrumental scene to history. But Jesus was not downhearted. He changed his name - and hairstyle - and tried again. The Termytes' �Mersey Tube Rider� (Provincial) also failed. So he tried again, and failed. Tried again, failed; tried, failed..and finally failed without actually trying. He died a bitter and broken man in 1993.

But at his funeral, a strange thing happened. The sole mourners were four young men who all arrived clad in black suits, black ties, sunglasses and fezzes. Because in all those years of touring Jesus' good looks and charm had never deserted him, and a string of beautiful women had poured sour cream on the burning chilli of his soul.

The four mourners who met that day were his sons - Miguel, Esteban, Juan and Ricardo. Stranger still, the four discovered they were all musicians; over a tequila-fuelled wake they realised they had found their mission in life - The Bikini Beach Band was formed. The music of Jesus Escovedo would live on!